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Conquer Enuresis with UnderJams #ConquerBedWetting

dielikidsI know you may all be wondering what I am doing writing about Enuresis (bed wetting) when my children are older, but my case is not a typical. I have three kids (pictured above)  so I may be what some consider as a veteran to the potty training game. All three of my kids got potty training down in their own way and at different ages. My youngest seemed to be the easiest. It was literally as if he woke up one day and was done with wearing diapers and never wet again. Who knows maybe it was a third times the charm type of deal. I like to say it’s his determined personality.

My daughter was also fairly easy to potty train. It took a few months but once it clicked with her she never let it go. She is my emotional child and even at the young age of two, she would be herself up over having an accident. She didn’t like feeling like a “failure” and that for my ex husband and I was our biggest struggle. Helping her understand it was not something she failed at.

Now my oldest….he’s the reason I wanted to write about this topic. He is now eleven years old and has been potty trained since he was about three. It was a difficult process going through potty training with him. I think part of the reason was we moved around so lot while he was younger and the constant change of home affected him in more ways than one. He used to have night terrors which would inevitably lead to regression. Then we would move and he would regress. We would go for periods of six months of completely dry, no accidents at night at all, and then he would wet the bed every night for two weeks.

This has been a consistent patter for a few years now. It’s not something he really likes to talk about much so I am here to be his voice. One of our biggest struggles was making the decision to continue keeping him in underwear at night or moving him back to a night time diaper of sorts to help him. It was something I didn’t want him to be ashamed of but I also didn’t want him to feel like he had failed. He is such a deep sleeper he would sleep through what the rest of us would wake up from. Whether it be the need to use the restroom or a storm outside. When he is out, he is out. I have also read that it may or may not be associated with bowel movements. How frequently your child takes them, or more importantly how infrequently.

Making the decision to go ahead and put him in some sort of night time protection was one I wouldn’t take back. Not only did it help his peace of mind but it helped mine as well. Know that he wont get down on himself for having an accident was a relief but it made morning times a little easier as we weren’t having to do laundry every morning on his bad weeks. I think the decision to use night time protection is not something we alone face. I am sure that many parents struggle with the idea of “taking a step backwards”. I don’t believe it should be looked at it like that anymore, I believe if it something that can help not only your child but yourself it could be a wonderful option. I wish they had Pampers UnderJams eight years ago when we first started going through this. One of the biggest things we ran in to while trying to find some type of protection for my son was finding them in his size. He is by no means a big kid, he is my lean machine as I call him but he is tall. The very first thing I noticed about UnderJams was that they start in a bigger size, size small/medium fits from 38-65 pounds and size large fits 58-65 pounds. UnderJams also offer these benefits:

  • Night wear leakage protection that features a NightLock ultra-absorbent core.
  • ComfortWear quiet, cloth-like materials for privacy.
  • Low waist so only your child knows they are wearing them!

With Pampers UnderJams you and your babies (totally not trying to confuse you all, it’s just that it doesn’t matter that he is eleven, he will forever be my baby and I still call him that every day) sleep with the peace of mind in knowing that even if enuresis were to happen…it is okay!

Also I did want to bring notice to the Pampers UnderJams site. They have a lot of useful tools, tips and educational information regarding enuresis there that might be helpful for you and your child in conquering bed wetting.

Have you and your child experienced enuresis? How did you guys conquer it together? I would love to hear your stories and thoughts on helping your children through this stage.

  • Sandy

    Came across this article from Google.

    Very informative and important. Millions of normal older kids struggle with bedwetting. Its a shame there’s a stigma for something so common and frankly normal.

    Its also a shame that nighttime protection has its own stigma (“diaper”)

    My son is 15 soon still bedwetting and using a common brand of the nighttime pullup protection options.

    Always great to see these stories so we are assured we’re not alone. This issue deserves to be given people’s attention. Thanks

  • •••
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California Teachers Union Putting Our Kids at Risk

California Teachers Union Putting Our Kids at Risk
-Guest Post by Christine Young

As a mom of seven, and a parent of four children in public school here in California, I’m disgusted with how special interest groups like the teachers’ union always put our children last, behind their bloated paychecks and pension benefits.

But, now they’ve gone too far.  Earlier this year, the California Teachers Association killed a bill in the legislature that would have made it easier to fire teachers who are known child molesters! 
It’s almost too hard to believe, right? Well, read for yourself what one Los Angeles area teacher did to his blindfolded students – Associated Press story and how the teachers union conspired to keep perverts like him in the classroom – LA Weekly article.

California isn’t alone in having a teachers union that protects sexual deviants – New York is battling a similar problem.

This is why we need reform like Prop 32, which is on the November ballot in California.  We have to stop the special interest money that keeps these groups powerful and detached from doing what’s best for our children.

Of course the opponents of the measure are spreading lies about how cops, firemen, teachers, et al are against 32, but keep in mind it’s only the union leadership that is against 32.  I know plenty of teachers who don’t like what their union does and certainly don’t want sexual predators in our classrooms!

See for yourself what California Prop 32 will do, it’s very strait forward.
And join our Facebook Group “California Parents for Reform” where we discuss this and other issues facing our schools and families.

Christine Young is the mother and blogger behind, where she shares about life with lots of kids and how to make it fun.

*I am not typically one to talk about politics on here, heck I rarely talk about them online at all or in person with someone because there are so many differing views that sometimes it can seem like an endless circle of debating. But there are exceptions to my rule when it involves children. More specifically the safety of our children. When my family and I made the decision to leave our long time home of California the school system was one of our top reasons for leaving. When Christine mentioned the bill that was shut down by the California Teachers Association I couldn’t believe what I was reading so to help raise awareness on this issue I quickly jumped at her offer to guest post regarding this issue. If you live in California and have school aged children PLEASE read the links above, be informed and be involved!

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Taking a break from packing

It’s go time over here. My husband and I made a trip back out to Oklahoma with one thing to accomplish…find a house. Day one of our search and we accomplished our mission. I never expected it to be that easy. We found a house that fits all of our needs and icing on the cake, the backyard is HUGE. And when I say huge I mean seriously huge. The home is on 1/3 of an acre. Hubs said he almost needs a riding lawnmower which of course our realtor and the sellers found hilarious, they don’t know him well enough to know he was serious LOL. With three kids the yard is a wonderful thing. My oldest and I already have plans for a vegetable garden. 
So now that we’ve found the house it’s time to get packing up our current digs. I am a bit of a moving specialist. We have moved eleven times in ten years. Maybe a little bit overkill but that was our old track record. We liked to move. Now, not so much. I am over the little high that comes along with packing up, moving and unpacking. I’m thinking the little fairy movers need to come over and pack while I am sleeping so I can wake up the next morning and have everything completed. Yeah wouldn’t that be nice. D day is in two weeks so it’s crunch time for me. So far today I have packed eleven boxes and it’s only 2:00 pm. Hoping to make it to twenty boxes and then I’ll call it a day. 
Since this is our first move with our youngest being old enough to stand at my feet and want/beg to help I am taking advantage. Here are a few tricks I have been doing today to help me keep my sanity and let the kids help.
  • Give them their own box to pack
  • Let them choose what they would like to pack i.e. toys, clothes, books, etc.
  • When packing your linens do a little assembly line with your children handing one the linens and passing down until they are in the box (so far this is the kids favorite).
  • When clearing out the junk let the kids help in throwing stuff away. Not sure if it’s just my kids but they seem to love throwing stuff in the trash.
  • Assign designated box holders for when you are assembling your boxes and rotate between your children. So maybe have one do the holding while you set up in the bathroom and another while in a bedroom. 
  • While going through your children’s toys bring out a separate box marked “donate” and ask your kids to choose which toys they would like to keep and which toys they no longer wish to keep and would like to give to another child who may not have toys. 
So far things are going smoothly. I know it’s only the beginning and I probably should talk like that so I don’t jinx it but, well yeah I don’t play by the rules and I am just happy my kids are as excited as we are about the big move. 
And what would a post be without some pictures!




Wordless Wednesday-My first born

I can’t get over how much my “little” man has grown. I could swear that he was just born and in reality it was seven years ago. How has that time flown by so incredibly fast? 

He is not the biggest camera fan which means getting pictures of him are few and far between so I usually try to sneak in a few when he isn’t paying attention. I love these shots of him. He is concentrating so hard on what he is doing and had no clue I was taking pictures of him. 
My baby boy is growing up :::sniff:::sniff:::
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Wordless Wednesday

I just realized a little bit ago that today is Wednesday. Pretty sad considering it’s eight o’clock at night now. It has been a long day though, many many hours spent at the Orthodontist for my son, my youngest is sick and I’ve had a migraine all day. But I just can’t miss doing a Wordless Wednesday post.

Monday we celebrated Passover at my Aunt and Uncles house. This is the first holiday we have been together at since my Grandfather passed. It was definitely different with out him there but I am very thankful we got to spend that time with my family since it will be more difficult after the move.

My beautiful Grandma <3 Photobucket
He thinks he’s being sneaky, little bugger LOL

And I am not sure why but every time I look at this picture I think of my Grandpa

There you have it, a very late but still within the time limits Wordless Wednesday post.


iHeart Faces photo challenge-Wind

iHeart Faces

Living in the high desert of California I know a little something about living with wind. No wait, I take that back. I know a lot about it. We experience about 350 days out of the year of some speed of wind out here. It’s not gale force winds but sometimes it’s down right scary listening to the howling while inside my house.

My point being, I have many pictures that I was hoping would be amazing only to end up being disappointed by the wind coming up and either not being able to go outside or to not be able to see my children’s faces at all because they were covered by their hair.

But today, the weather was awesome. So I decided last minute to take a trip to see the Poppy’s. The wind was for the most part calm and the temperature outside was a beautiful 82 degrees add into that a bubble machine and you have the makings of a perfect day.

So without further a due, here is my picture of “Wind”.

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iHeart Faces peoples choice

 iHeart Faces photo challenge for this week is “Best Face Photo from February 2011”
As soon as I took this picture of my daughter I knew I would love it when I saw it in full size. Sure enough it is saved and my desktop background, my wallpaper on my phone and my Facebook profile picture. Obsessive maybe but I just <3 it. 

Here is my favorite picture taken in the month of February


If you would like to participate in this weeks challenge HURRY there is only about two hours left to enter! 
The contest is now closed and voting is open! If you would like to vote for me (I wont argue with you, I would actually love if if you did) I am entry #529


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What am I going to do with this crazy kid

My third born has been a constant surprise since day one. My daughter was almost nine months old when I found out I was pregnant with him. To say I was shocked would be putting it lightly but even though it wasn’t a planned pregnancy I was beyond elated to be adding another little bundle of joy to our little family. He continues to keep me on my toes through out my pregnancy. I had some bleeding mid way through and a really bad bladder infection which I couldn’t take meds for and he was a very active little bugger when he wanted to be. He kept on surprising me when I went into labor at 37.5 weeks. I was in complete denial that it was actual labor because I had plans to go out and buy a belly cast since he was my last. I had wanted one with each pregnancy but never went out and bought one so I was determined to do it that time. Well he had other plans. I called my husband and he scrambled to get home since I was doing a home birth. Even my midwife barely made it in time LOL. Three and a half hours of labor and he made his appearance. 
At just under a month old he had emergency surgery to fix a stomach problem, pyloric stenosis. He stopped nursing all on his own at a year old. Hated pureed food and went straight for regular food. Started walking at 11 months. Started running not long after he was walking.  Started talking in full sentences before he was two. Climbed out of his crib like a pro at a year and a half. Being a dare devil. 
He continues to amaze and scare the crap out of me every day. I have never seen a child with such curiosity or so much personality. I absolutely LOVE it. He is my wild card. In a lot of ways he is like his brother or his sister but he is also very different. It’s so much fun watching him grow and seeing what he will do next.
The other day while I was getting the kids lunch ready he started talking/yelling at me. Now when Shawn talks he has so much personality to him that it just amazes me that a 2.5 year old is actually the one talking. Half the time I can’t help myself from bursting into laughter at what this kid comes up with. 
Case and point:
You can hear me laughing and yes I even snorted. That is my wild, full of personality, keeps me on my toes, drives me batty and makes me laugh constantly 2.5 year old little love of mine.
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