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California Teachers Union Putting Our Kids at Risk

California Teachers Union Putting Our Kids at Risk
-Guest Post by Christine Young

As a mom of seven, and a parent of four children in public school here in California, I’m disgusted with how special interest groups like the teachers’ union always put our children last, behind their bloated paychecks and pension benefits.

But, now they’ve gone too far.  Earlier this year, the California Teachers Association killed a bill in the legislature that would have made it easier to fire teachers who are known child molesters! 
It’s almost too hard to believe, right? Well, read for yourself what one Los Angeles area teacher did to his blindfolded students – Associated Press story and how the teachers union conspired to keep perverts like him in the classroom – LA Weekly article.

California isn’t alone in having a teachers union that protects sexual deviants – New York is battling a similar problem.

This is why we need reform like Prop 32, which is on the November ballot in California.  We have to stop the special interest money that keeps these groups powerful and detached from doing what’s best for our children.

Of course the opponents of the measure are spreading lies about how cops, firemen, teachers, et al are against 32, but keep in mind it’s only the union leadership that is against 32.  I know plenty of teachers who don’t like what their union does and certainly don’t want sexual predators in our classrooms!

See for yourself what California Prop 32 will do, it’s very strait forward.
And join our Facebook Group “California Parents for Reform” where we discuss this and other issues facing our schools and families.

Christine Young is the mother and blogger behind, where she shares about life with lots of kids and how to make it fun.

*I am not typically one to talk about politics on here, heck I rarely talk about them online at all or in person with someone because there are so many differing views that sometimes it can seem like an endless circle of debating. But there are exceptions to my rule when it involves children. More specifically the safety of our children. When my family and I made the decision to leave our long time home of California the school system was one of our top reasons for leaving. When Christine mentioned the bill that was shut down by the California Teachers Association I couldn’t believe what I was reading so to help raise awareness on this issue I quickly jumped at her offer to guest post regarding this issue. If you live in California and have school aged children PLEASE read the links above, be informed and be involved!

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