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Slow return to the life of norm

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I have taken a rather long break from blogging. It wasn’t intentional really, I just kind of lost my mojo over time. I wish I could say I was ready to jump back in full swing but this is real life. So let’s be honest here, I am a single mom to three kids (a teen, a pre-teen and one that may as well be a pre-teen already) I work full time, have two kids in band, two in a sport and then there’s all the stuff in between. Do I struggle? Hell yes I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t give my hardest every day.

Time really is a luxury I don’t have most days, and relaxing pffft, that is a dream. This is my life, yes it can be damn stressful and tiring at times, but I would not change it for the world. Tooting my horn here…I am doing it on my own and you know what? I am pretty proud of that.

That being said, I do want to get back into writing. I have missed that along with photography. Those were always two passions of mine. And over the years they have fallen to the wayside. I think I’ve waited long enough to bring them back….slowly of course. So here I am, laying it all out, my busy crazy life is my priority but I’m going to attempt to bring this part of my life back as well. Whether that be by simply sharing photos, which if you know me, that is how this whole blog thing came about. Or sharing recipes, reviews, maybe just me blabbering. Who knows. Either way, I am determined.

So with that being said…





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