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What am I going to do with this crazy kid

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My third born has been a constant surprise since day one. My daughter was almost nine months old when I found out I was pregnant with him. To say I was shocked would be putting it lightly but even though it wasn’t a planned pregnancy I was beyond elated to be adding another little bundle of joy to our little family. He continues to keep me on my toes through out my pregnancy. I had some bleeding mid way through and a really bad bladder infection which I couldn’t take meds for and he was a very active little bugger when he wanted to be. He kept on surprising me when I went into labor at 37.5 weeks. I was in complete denial that it was actual labor because I had plans to go out and buy a belly cast since he was my last. I had wanted one with each pregnancy but never went out and bought one so I was determined to do it that time. Well he had other plans. I called my husband and he scrambled to get home since I was doing a home birth. Even my midwife barely made it in time LOL. Three and a half hours of labor and he made his appearance. 
At just under a month old he had emergency surgery to fix a stomach problem, pyloric stenosis. He stopped nursing all on his own at a year old. Hated pureed food and went straight for regular food. Started walking at 11 months. Started running not long after he was walking.  Started talking in full sentences before he was two. Climbed out of his crib like a pro at a year and a half. Being a dare devil. 
He continues to amaze and scare the crap out of me every day. I have never seen a child with such curiosity or so much personality. I absolutely LOVE it. He is my wild card. In a lot of ways he is like his brother or his sister but he is also very different. It’s so much fun watching him grow and seeing what he will do next.
The other day while I was getting the kids lunch ready he started talking/yelling at me. Now when Shawn talks he has so much personality to him that it just amazes me that a 2.5 year old is actually the one talking. Half the time I can’t help myself from bursting into laughter at what this kid comes up with. 
Case and point:
You can hear me laughing and yes I even snorted. That is my wild, full of personality, keeps me on my toes, drives me batty and makes me laugh constantly 2.5 year old little love of mine.
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