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Sunset Sunday-Partial eclipse

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First I want to apologize if I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments recently. As you can see I redid my blog last weekend and I did not notice that my comment system had been turned off and put into moderation mode. And since I don’t use the typical blogger comments I can’t publish them. They are there, and I saw them I just can’t publish them or respond. I wasn’t ignoring you I promise!

Now onto the Sunsets. I didn’t get out and take photos last night like I had planned so I am digging through the archives once again. It’s always fun going back and finding treasures you might not have known about or may have forgotten about.

These were taken bake when we had the eclipse. I drove all around town trying to get a decent shot, one without some type of obstruction and it was nearly impossible due to the direction the sun sets. But despite the obstructions I kind of like how they came out.

Last week I challenged you all to take a drive and enjoy the sunset. I hope you all remembered your cameras because I can’t wait to see what everyone captured!

Do you love sunsets? Have tons and tons of photos of them or maybe even just a few? I would love for you to join us in Sunset Sundays and share a few of your favorites.
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