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Wordless Wednesday: Chi-Town

My husband told me over the weekend he wanted to do something this week on his days off of work. I had no arguments on this because I love getting out and doing things so I said okay fine by me. But um what should we do? His response “let’s go to Chicago”. After my brain processed that he really meant it I can’t lie. I got excited. I had only been to Chicago once before while my husband worked out there for a few days. I brought my oldest with us because back then it was just the three of us and had planned on seeing a few local attractions. Well he got sick and plans changed into spending the entire three days in the hotel. So when my husband brought up going back I immediately responded with YES!

Up at 3:30 am, in the car by 4:20am and on the plane before 6:00. It was non stop walking/site seeing/water drinking/freaking hot/all around fun kind of day. I haven’t finished looking at all of the photos but I had to share just a few from our one day trip to Chicago.

This shot reminds me of something you’d see while in Florida doesn’t it?
My handsome boy while on the boat tour
 Baby boy and I on the 94th story of the Hancock building
Baby girl and I taking a break

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