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Sunset Sunday-Lets take a drive

One thing I like to do every so often is grab the kids and go driving with no destination in mind. I love driving around like that. It’s a great way to discover new areas and if you remember to grab your camera you can also capture so great local beauty. So seeing as I was bored last night and the kids were all in a mood I knew it was a perfect time for us to go out and explore. 

I did somehow end up near an area we had been to a few weeks ago so the kids and I sat in the trunk and watched as a train rolled by, then we headed off to find a new spot. And what we found was gorgeous. And added bonus was there were horses, even little baby one’s. The kids loved seeing them and I loved seeing the smiles of their faces. 
This week I challenge you to go out and explore. Just get in your car (with your camera) and drive with no destination in mind. And next week I’d love to see where you discovered.

Do you love sunsets? Have tons and tons of photos of them or maybe even just a few? I would love for you to join us in Sunset Sundays and share a few of your favorites.
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