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Fun times and memories made

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Oh my goodness. This week has been such a whirlwind I don’t even know where to begin. I was originally going to post this as my Wordless Wednesday post but we were amidst our travels and the in air wi-fi wasn’t working on one of our flights so instead of posting at 12AM Thursday morning when we got home I just opted to skip this weeks Wordless Wednesday.

Soooo where to start, oh yes on Saturday my husband mentions taking the kids to Kennywood. I said sure that’s fine, you know the kids will love it. Well I never heard anything more about it so I assumed he nixed the idea. Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon my husband comes running in asking if I am ready. Laughing I told him no, you never told me when we were leaving I haven’t even packed!  Forty minutes later we were at the airport, packed with the kids in tow waiting to board the plane. Are we a little crazy….possibly. Ready for an adventure….absolutely!

Our flight got in a little before 11pm and we immediately headed to the hotel. Once checked in we grabbed a quick bite to eat (nothing beats pancakes in the wee hours of the night) and then got back to the hotel to put the littles to sleep. The following morning we got up, got dressed, ran out the door with a quick stop along the way to get some discount tickets (always make sure to search for deals before going to a new place, we ended up saving $10 off each ticket ($50) and got all five of us in for the price of one Disney Land ticket! ).

And now to the pictures….there are a lot.

My little family heading in to Kennywood
 Little man having a blast in kiddie land and baby girl keeping him company
 This picture cracks me. He was so excited to go on this and he kept bouncing back and forth between scared and loving it. This happens to be his scared face LOL

 Everyone enjoying their ride on The Whip

 You can’t see them but in the front seat of the boat sat my two babies
 Doing the “I just got soaked and it was awesome” dance
 Daddy and his princess on the swings
 My handsome boy
If there ever was a sign on fun being had at the end of the day this would be it. They were completely passed out!
Even though this was a very short trip it is one I will treasure forever and one I hope my kids will be able to look back upon with nothing but happy thoughts.
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