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Social Media Moms spreading the word to help the children of Japan

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You can click the image above to go directly to Save the Children’s donation page
Today I am writing about something that for me is truly heart breaking. I know it is a fact in life today that there will be orphaned children. But I am not here today to talk about that particular situation. I am talking about the devastation that hit Japan on March 11th. I know almost everyone out in the world has  seen what happened. We all know there was an earth quake that hit Japan at approximately 2:46 pm (local time) and then shortly after a tsunami went through and completely devastated the area and as a result of both natural occurrences the local nuclear reactor plant has been having problems since. 
The problems with the nuclear reactors, while definitely important has inadvertently caused most of the worlds attention to that matter and a lot of people have forgotten about the actual devastation and thousands of people that are missing, injured, homeless, without their family, without food. 
“We are concerned for as many as 100,000 children who may have been displaced because of last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. Many of them will have lost their homes and been forced to take refuge in unfamiliar places like evacuation centers that might cause them to be afraid and anxious,” said Stephen McDonald, who is leading Save the Children’s relief efforts in Japan.
“There is also a risk that some of them will have become separated from their parents and family members because of the disaster. It is important we provide support to parents and children who are struggling to cope in the aftermath of the disaster,” said McDonald.
Quote from Stephen McDonald on March 15, 2011. He is leading the Save the Children’s relief efforts in Japan.

Yes, you read that right. As many as one hundred thousand children who may have been separated from their families. I cannot imagine how frightening that must be for a child. I am grown adult and I would be terrified not knowing where my family was. It breaks my heart. The reason for my post today is because I am uniting with other Social Media Moms to spread the word about helping out those in need in Japan. Please feel free to share this link with family, friends and your followers Any amount is truly a blessing. Even if money is tight and you can only afford ten dollars that can give diapers to a young child and food and a blanket. Lets spread the word and help  bring some much needed help to these children.

Today, please join Social Media Moms and Partybluprints, as we raise awareness and money to support the amazing work being done by ‘Save The Children’ in Japan. ( )

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