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How do you keep your kids busy during school breaks

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I love when my oldest is on breaks from school. He gets a chance to play more with his younger brother and sister and catch up on the time he misses with them while he is in school. And I just love watching the three of them together. I also get more cuddle time with my big boy when we stay up a little bit later and watch How the Earth is made together. He is completely fascinated by that show. For the most part my kids get a long great but just like adults, they have their moments so keeping them entertained is key.

Yesterday and today have been spent making crafts. Luckily my kids love all things craft related and will spend all day doing crafts if allowed. Yesterday my son decided he wanted to make a bible so we ran with the idea and here is what he made.


In case you can’t read his writing here is what each page said, going down, up to the middle and from the top right down again.
Cover-Made by Stephen 🙂
Page 1-Jesus was born in a manger
Page 2-Jesus died for our sins
Page 3-Jesus rose from his grave
Page 4-Jesus loves everyone

Now we are not the most religious family but to see this made my heart completely swell. He is a very curious little man and I love that he is curious in learning about religion and all that it encompasses.

Today was a more of a free for all craft day. My house is almost completely covered with masks.


My daughter requested a little book for herself so this is what we made together.


After lunch the kids and I went back to crafting while the little man had other plans…..


I am totally liking his plan and thinking a nap sounds mighty good right now!

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day <3

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