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Verizon Droid Razr Review-How to manually refresh emails

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I feel a little silly admitting I still don’t know all the in’s and out’s of the Droid Razr, but then on the other hand I love that I am still learning/finding new things.

Here is something I discovered today while wondering why my email wouldn’t refresh. Sometimes it’s not always an automatic thing like some of us may be used to. So if you’re staring at your phone wondering “why aren’t you showing me my latest emails, I’ve already seen these one’s from four days ago” here is what you need to do.

Depending on which app you use for your email it will go one of two ways. Here is the first way which is by using the email app where you can group different email accounts into the one app.

1. Don’t yell at your phone (it’s not the phone’s fault, really I promise).
2. Open your email.
3. See that little double arrow in the upper left corner, click it.
4. It’s not in the menu/three lined area so don’t look there.
5. Depending on the last time you refreshed your email it may take a bit, but not too long so don’t keep pressing buttons. Just give it a minute or two and you will be all up to date.

The second way to have your emails is if you have the direct app, say Gmail for example. Again this is a very simple process and it makes me wonder how on earth I didn’t discover it sooner. 
1. Open app
2. Click menu/three lines at the bottom of the screen
3. Click refresh

Wasn’t that easy! I tell you the things you learn while in the midst of frustration can be awesome and make you feel rather silly that you’re just now learning something new when you probably should have known it by now. But hey I will look on the bright side and take it as lesson learned and now I know what to do next time my phone doesn’t work it’s magic and auto refresh.

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