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Claritin Mom Crew

Now that spring has sprung (shhh I know I am a few weeks late) that means it’s allergy season. Yippee! Unfortunately my whole family suffers from allergies. My boys are lucky that theirs are minimal, the occasional sneeze attacks and runny noses with the rare asthma flare up, but for my daughter allergy season can be miserable. In addition to the sneezing and runny nose my daughter has eczema that flares up as well as hives that come and go.

While we all love Spring time because it’s so beautiful outside it can also be dreaded since spending time outside can mean more susceptibility to allergy attacks. It’s hard because the simplest of things that most kids enjoy aren’t always as joyful as they’re meant to be. Such as picking flowers for Mommy and rolling around in the grass (we don’t even attempt that one anymore). We have tried almost all of the childrens allergy medicines that there is to try but the one constant that has always worked for her is Claritin. I am thrilled to announce that I am part of Claritins Mom Crew. What does this mean? It means I will be learning and sharing some tips with you all in dealing with allergies. You can find some very useful information on Claritins Facebook page here.

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