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Take the It Can Wait pledge today

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Did you know that those that send texts while driving are 23 times more like to be in a car crash then those that do not? I had no idea the statistics were that high and honestly that’s a downright scary number. I’ve posted before about how scary the statistics are turning for those that text and drive, heck even talking on the phone, looking for directions, tweeting, etc. Trust me, I get it, we are a technology society but just like admitting an addiction we as a society need to realize the dangers that these electronics pose for not only ourselves but to our children as well. Monkey see monkey do runs true no matter what anyone says. If your kids see you texting and driving they wont see anything wrong with it when they turn 16 and get their first set of wheels. Is that the kind of example you want to se for your children? 
I am no saint but I am trying my damnedest to not text and drive. Most of the time it’s seriously simple, especially if you leave your phone on vibrate and in your purse like I tend to do. Out of site out of mind hence no temptation. But there are the occasional times say when I am lost or running late somewhere that I, without thinking grab my phone to text for directions or quickly say I am running late. 99% of the time I wait until I am at a stop but I admit, there are those few times I grab it while driving. That is what I am pledging to not do anymore. I do not want to set that as an example for my children and let them think it’s okay to be distracted while driving. 

So today I took the pledge not just for myself but for my children. Will you take the pledge with me? To take the pledge visit It Can Wait. You can sign up via Facebook, the entire process takes less then five minutes. If you do decide to join this movement be sure to come back and let me know so I can virtually give you a high five!

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