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Wordless Wednesday – A day at Belmar

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Last week I had the honor to go on the first ever Social Good retreat, Jersey Love where I got to meet the most amazing women. I could gush all day about how much I love them, that’s how amazing everyone was. But the one thing that hit me the most was visiting Belmar. As soon as I stepped out of the car it was as if I got hit in the face by a brick wall of amazing. The smell from the ocean was an instant flash back for me and it smelled absolutely wonderful. I almost broke down into tears just from the smell alone. But then I walked off alone to put my feet in the water and it was as if every thing just rushed away. I felt….home.

If you didn’t know the Belmar boardwalk was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy. In seven short months
the town has rebuilt all 1.3 miles of it destroyed boardwalk. 

A few weeks ago at a ceremony for the efforts made towards the shore Mayor Matt Doherty said “We promised that a new boardwalk would be built in time for Memorial Day, and today I can proudly say we have delivered.” And delivered they have! Not only is the boardwalk new and beautiful but they have playgrounds along the beach for the children as well as plans to add showers for easier clean up after spending the day at the beach. If you’ve ever gone to the beach you know how huge it is to have a shower for a quick rinse off before heading home. 

Look ma I see a surfer out in the distance. Can you spot him?

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These ladies rocked the waves!

Be sure to check out the links below from other lovely ladies that attended this amazing trip. Thank you again to Caesars Atlantic City, D6 Surf Skimmers & D’Jais for everything! You guys are truly amazing.

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