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Yay it’s Sunday

I know most people don’t like Sunday’s because their kids go back to school Monday or their hubby’s go back to work but I love Sundays because Steve comes home and we get to spend Monday through Thursday together as a family. I’m a little bummed he’s working a double shift today so he wont be home until like midnight but we still have the rest of the week. I’ve been keeping myself busy with the house today. So far I’ve done the dishes, taken out all the trash, done two (working on the third) loads of laundry, the kids have all eaten breakfast and Shawn is down for his first nap. Um I think that’s it. I need to vacuum. I vacuum twice a day now sometimes three. Shawn is just the messiest little eater. It’s cute so I don’t mind but I wish I had a better vacuum. Oh well. I will take what I can get 🙂
Okay off to get my laundry. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!