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Dr appointments

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We took (Actually I should say Steve took) both Jr and Samantha to the Dr today. Jr is sick and was running a 102.5 temp with a yucky cough and there was something going around out here a couple weeks ago so I just wanted to be safe and get him seen. The Dr doesn’t think it’s anything like bronchitis but get this he put down a diagnosis of sinus something or other just so he could write him a script of Ammox just to ease my mind. I wasn’t at the appointment just texting Steve while he was there. Now imo that’s BS. If your a Dr and you think there is medically nothing wrong then why the hell would you write a prescription to treat something that isn’t there! Ugh so I’m just trying to get him to take as many fluids as I can and control the temp.
Now for Sam, her skin is really bad again. And now she has one of those little white bumps that she gets on her inner thighs and bum on her hand. Yes her hand. Not even close to the same area. Still don’t know what they are but we requested to see the Chief or head Dr in dermatology. No one else since the guy we saw was a pud. The pediatrician said they don’t have a head Dr there so she is going to send her to the next best thing which is in her opinion the best Derm with Kaiser. She is out in Panorama City but I don’t care. I will drive anywhere to get help for my baby girl. She has started scratching again in her sleep so she has sores on her hands and legs 🙁

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