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Wordless Wednesday-Food while traveling

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I haven’t had a chance to go through all of our photos from our trip last week so I am pulling some pictures from my phone for this weeks Wordless Wednesday post. And seeing as I am a food lover and I was blown away by our food on our flight I figured I’d start the picture sharing with some good eats.

 Of course I had to get wine. My husband even drank some which was funny since it was his first time. After three full glasses each we looked at each other and giggled that we could already feel the alcohol.
 First course: Smoked salmon with some mayonnaise sauce and a celery, bell pepper and radish slaw, tomato bisque and a roll.
 Second course: Salad

Main course: Chicken dish. Cold chicken breast with this amazing dressing that I have no idea what it was but it had mangos in it, lobster salad, onions, deviled egg and there’s an artichoke heart hiding there somewhere. 

 My husband got the Cod with green beans and risotto. All I kept thinking about with his dish was the movie Airplane. And the best part, my husband and I were laughing about it together since we both thought of the same thing.
 Fourth course: Dessert. I went for the cheese and fruit platter so I’ve cut back on my sweets intake.
 Breakfast: French toast, eggs, turkey sausage, fruit, coffee and orange juice.

All that food was just on one flight. It just kept coming, and all of it was amazingly good.

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