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What! School starts when???

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Now granted I am semi new to the school routine but I still feel like a total failure for letting this happen. Well maybe more a looser then a failure LOL On Thursday I got an automated call from my sons school saying “We are pleased to welcome back all the returning students to our 2010/2011 school year on Monday, August 9th”. WTF I’m sorry did she just say AUGUST 9th, like as in this coming Monday! No way, not possible. Freak, she really just did. How did I miss that. How could I not know when he actually started school. I ASSumed they were started around mid to late August.

After stewing on it for a little while I started to get upset that there is no form of communication from the school or school district about when school resumes after summer break. And no, four days notice is NOT good enough. I mean I don’t know if it’s because I’m new to this and I’m out of the loop or have high expectations.

So end result is I have not gone school shopping for my son. Thankfully his backpack is almost brand new. We bought it one month before his Kindergarten year was over. But other then that I have nothing. I can probably find some pencils around here but I don’t have a notebook or paper for him. Heck I haven’t even bought his school clothes.

Oh random bit. My son is at his first sleepover. I am so excited for him I was actually giggling when I dropped him off. He is growing up so fast! 

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