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A dream come true

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It has been a dream of my Grandpa’s to rude a Harley Davidson for a while and after by parents got a bike about a year ago he told them that he had always wanted to ride one. On Fathers day my mom bought him a little bucket and a small pad of paper and wrote on there “Bucket List” and under that “To ride a Harley”. And told him that anytime he was up to it she would make it happen for him.

Well Tuesday was that day! The manager from the local Harley shop out here brought over a trike to take him on a ride. It was so neat to see my Grandpa happy. It only ended up being a short ride because the manager had to get back to the shop and you could tell my Grandpa didn’t want to stop so when the owner offered to come by on Wednesday and take him for a longer ride he couldn’t refuse.

Gary, the grounds keeper for the complex my Grandparents are living along with my mom helped set all of this up. And Gary even called a photographer from the local newspaper out here to come take pictures of his ride. So not only did he have his two granddaughters following along snapping pictures but he had the professional who is so graciously giving him a cd of ALL the pictures she took!

Here are a few pictures from Tuesday and Wednesdays ride.

Tuesday ride with a long time family friend on the right and his friend on the left
All smiles! I wonder if he enjoyed his ride 🙂
Wednesdays ride. My Dad driving and the newspapers photographer in back    
This picture just makes me think of Willie Nelson’s On the Road Again

 I am so happy that my Grandpa got to experience this. It makes me cry knowing that people who don’t even know him helped make his dream come true and were just so amazing about the whole thing.

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