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What do you love to do?

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If you haven’t heard Jessica from It’s My Life has started a new site called Kick in the Blog. The idea behind the new site it to bring inspiration to bloggers to help give them a “Kick in the Blog” to help get you passed any writers block you may be having. 
Today’s question is “What do you love to do”? 
My initial response would be I love to to lay on the couch relax on the couch all day, watch movies with the kids, maybe eat a few bon bons, pick up a pizza for the kids and I to enjoy and finish the day off with a glass of wine. Yes that is what I would love to do. Truth time. I’ve never actually even eaten a bon bon and I am the only one who cooks in the house. While I have spent all day doing nothing with the kids but watching movies and cuddling and I won’t deny it’s awesomeness it’s not the type of response Kick in the Blog is looking for. This is a more a thought provoking type of question. One to think long and hard before answering.
Now for my serious answer. I love to do photography. I am not a professional and that is fine by me. I am still learning and there is so much to learn and I know that I have just reached the tip of the ice berg of photography knowledge. Thinking about learning all things photography gets me excited and slightly overwhelmed at the same time. But that doesn’t scare me, it only makes me more excited for what’s to come.
I love to watch my children grow. I especially love to watch them sleep. They are so peaceful and just all around cute while asleep. They are so young right now and I know I have my whole life ahead of me to watch them grow but right now I am living in the moment and seeing them play, read, color, get excited over paint colors, playing in the pool, dressing themselves, arguing over toys, etc. I love it all and it is something I look forward to every day for as long as I am alive. 
I love to blog. I have no problem admitting that I do get writers block, quite often sometimes and getting passed it isn’t always that easy. But coming up with new things to write about and sharing pictures, recipes and all around daily life of this crazy household is such a joy for me. I love to do it. 
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