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What a waste

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Today was a complete and total waste of my time. I was at court bright and early at 7:45 am. At 11:30 they came out and said they wont be able to see us and to come back at 1:30 so in other words, Lunch break. Come back at 1:30 and I don’t get called back until 3:30! I’m so thankful that my mom was there and offered to take Sam and Jr home with her while Shawn and I stayed and waited. I finally get in and the judge is like who are you, where is Steve. I’m like I am his wife, it’s my name that appears on the motion that was scheduled for court. In a matter of two minutes he managed to make me feel like a tiny little mouse. He made me feel stupid and totally depressed that no matter what he was going to deny my motion. He said plain and simple we make “too much money” according to their guidelines. BTW we only make about 350 more then their guidelines and imo their guidelines are shit. It’s so hard to make due here in California and especially for a family of five with two in diapers.
I walked out of the courtroom and just burst into tears. I had such high hopes that I would walk in and they would dismiss it based on what a load of shit this whole thing is or they would say oh your case was already dismissed. So now we wait for a hearing date. Honestly I don’t get it. We have so many things on our side but I couldn’t even get a word in with the judge to discuss it. But then again I don’t think it was the time to bring it up. I’m just worried what is going to happen since I can’t afford to pay them the 200 fee that we now owe for filing a response, and possibly an extra 200 since we had to file separately. I would go into a rampage right now on how much I despise Ian but I will spare any readers.

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  • HopelesslyDevine

    ((((SHANA)))) Stay strong! You will get through this!

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