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Just a little update. I have to go to court tomorrow morning. This is for the fee waiver I filed because well I just can’t afford $200 to file a response for both Steve and I. Shit I can’t even afford the one fee. Anyways so that is why I will be at court tomorrow. Please if anyone reads this can you keep me in your thoughts for a positive outcome. I’m hoping and praying the case was dismissed because we no longer live in the residence and then I wont have to pay the fees and if that’s the case I want to see if they will do a motion to reverse the decision on Steve’s application because they denied it 🙁 So that is best case scenario.
I’m very nervous. I’ve never been to court before and this is very emotional for me because this is Ian who is doing this to me and my family. So yeah again if anyone reads this would you please keep me in your thoughts. I’ll update when I get home tomorrow.

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