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Tuesday Tunes-It’s Back!

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I am so excited, the awesomeness that is Amanda (High Impact Mom) has brought back Tuesday Tunes. Oh yeah, that’s right Tuesday Tunes is officially back yo! If you’ve never participated in Tuesday Tunes before be sure to hop on over to Amanda’s site and check out how to participate. It’s simple and fun and who doesn’t love being introduced to new types of music.

Has anyone noticed the increased popularity of dance types of music? I don’t listen to the radio often because I usually only get the chance to when I am in the car…which isn’t all that often but even I have noticed. Not that I am complaining, honestly I love it! But I have noticed that a lot more artists are doing it. And you will never catch me repeating these words, but there is one specific song that I am really loving right now….and it has Britney Spears in it :::GASP::: Yes you read that right I like a Britney Spears song. No I am not hanging my head in shame, instead I am laughing. She may not be my typical cup of tea but you can’t deny she still knows how to kick some ass. 

I am not sure which version I like better, the original with and Britney or the remix done by Reidiculous. If you haven’t heard of Reidiculous before and love music that’s awesome to dance to you NEED to check him out! Seriously the guy is amazing.

Now if you’ll excuse me I am off to go work dance by myself and do some housework but I want to know which version do you like better?

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