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Tuesday Tunes-Cradle of Filth

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Cradle of Filth is I guess what you would call an extreme goth metal band. They’re from England and  formed in 1991. Side note…why are all the insanely awesome metal bands not from the US? I mean cool for them but sucky for us Americans who want to see them play.

When I first heard of Cradle of Filth I couldn’t tell you but I do remember the very first song I heard by them…Hallowed be thy name which incidentally is a cover of another awesome band, Iron Maidens. How apropos of them to cover one of their songs seeing as they were a big influence on the members of Cradle of Filth and I do love me some Iron Maiden.

Before watching these videos make sure there are no children around, secondly if you are easily offended by the crude and naughty and slightly disturbing behavior just skip this whole post. If you are slightly interested in hearing what they sound like but don’t want to watch then by all means, press play but don’t look. If you don’t care then enjoy my friends.

There is no official video and the others were all animated (blah) so enjoy watching some (silent) Underworld while listening.

The second Cradle of Filth song I heard was From the Cradle to Enslave. 

I was sharing a few of their songs on Facebook earlier this morning as I was listening to them and of all people to comment my Mom did. And I totally laughed at her comments. “I was good with this until he started singing” naturally I had to share more and push the envelope so I shared Lilith Immaculate. Her response “What the hell was that??? You can’t possibly call Lilith Immaculate a song!” ROFL. Yeah I know they may not be everyone’s cup o tea but the “nice” side of me loves to play Cradle of Filth during Halloween night just to scare the bejeebus out of people haha, hush don’t judge me, I have a twisted sense of humor. 

So if you listened to either of the videos, what did you think?

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