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Tuesday Tunes-Bringing back the classics

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Okay so my generation may not view this band/singer as a classic but in a way it’s my own personal classic because hearing any song by Genesis and/or Phil Collins instantly brings me back to my childhood. The good ole 80’s. Yes I was an 80’s baby. You have two types of 80’s people. The people who were old enough to rock it through the 80’s and feel those born in the 80’s aren’t “true” 80’s people, and then those of us who were actually born in the 80’s. We might not have been able to rock the 80’s but that time period still had an impact on our lives. For me it was the music. The hair bands, the new metal and of course the bit of easy going music such as Genesis, Peter Frampton, R.E.M., Michael Jackson, Madonna, Kenny Loggins, Tears for Fears, Fleetwood Mac. I could go on and on but I wont because the list is seriously too long. But you get the idea.

One song that I absolutely LOVE is Land of Confusion by Genesis. I am not sure why it doesn’t get much airplay anymore. It is one of those songs that you can see the video playing even though you may be listening to it on the radio. Don’t say I am crazy because I see cartoons playing in my head. If you haven’t seen the video you might not understand how awesome it is. If you have five minutes to spare sit down and watch this video.

See what I am talking about? That song & video were pure genius.

I remember when this CD came out in 1991. It was the first CD I owned. That and Michael Jacksons Dangerous album. It seems like a life time ago that these bands were the it bands, that music was sang by people with real voices, talent and no machines to duplicate their voices. And that is why I titled this post with the word classics in it. Not to be confused with the real classics from the 1950’s and before.

So there you have it. This weeks Tuesday Tunes. If you’d like to participate be sure to link up over at Amandas site High Impact Mom!

*Image Credit Genesis Picture: Amazon

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