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Tuesday Tunes-A blast from the past

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This week in honor of the amazingly talented and all around awesome Amanda and her upcoming birthday I will be sharing some music from days passed. But first HAPPY early BIRTHDAY Amanda!!!!

I take you back 12-15 years ago, vision a bleach blond chick wearing holey jeans, inappropriate shirts, vans shoes, smoking, all around kick ass chick. That was me, at least I like to think I was kick ass. My music taste hasn’t changed much since the days of high school but the music has. Back then the teeny bop sensations were Britney Spears and N-Sync. :::Insert gag::: Unfortunately I had a younger sister who was very much into them so I was exposed to such atrocities but have no fear, I did not let it take me over. I kept my metal and rock playing loudly, just loud enough to piss off the parental figures and drive them slightly mad. Ahhhh fun times LOL.

One of my favorite bands way back when was Pantera. They are still a favorite of mine and I am always in the mood to hear a good Pantera song. A lot of songs bring back memories of me growing up. Ex boyfriends, parties, hanging out with friends, driving around….oh wait I didn’t have a radio in my car. I always get so excited when I hear a Pantera song on the radio. Mind you it’s not often and it’s usually only at night but it always brings a smile to my face. My absolute favorite song by them is Shedding Skin. The solo is just amazing. Trust me the louder you play this the better.

Now I wasn’t an all metal girl. I liked the grunge bands and others in that genre. One band that has a bad rep to it is Hole. You know the whole Courtney Love killed Kurt debacle so everyone hates Courtney and all that she has done. Meh….I don’t let it affect my judgement in music. If it’s good I say play it.  One of the reasons I loved Hole was because they weren’t your typical band that was afraid to touch the things they shouldn’t touch on. You want loud, you want inappropriate, raw, and of course some punk thrown into the mix well them Hole is your band.

Metallica. Yes I listened to them but I wasn’t one of those crazy people that thought they were the best band ever and the fathers of Heavy Metal. I argued back then that they weren’t and I will argue today the same thing. But still you have to appreciate the early Metallica. They were a great band.  I will not however argue what their greatest song was and I don’t have a favorite so I just chose at random the song that I am going to share.

And of course it wouldn’t be a flash back post without me mentioning Faith No More. A group I still listen to now, they never get old. I know that their most popular song is Epic and what a great song title because the song is Epic. It is my favorite by them and I don’t care what people say about Faith No More, they are a great band that was seriously underrated back in the day.

So there you have it. A glimpse of what I was like and what I listened to back in the day. Told you my taste hasn’t changed. If you’d like to participate in this weeks Tuesday Tunes how about joining Amanda in her birthday celebration and share some songs from your past.

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