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The day has come

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Today is moving day! Happy joy. I am so happy to be out of this house but hate that we are moving once again. I hate moving. I do EVERYTHING! Even now with three kids I am the only one who has packed in this house. btw I find this extremely unfair. Steve’s dad is coming out today to help and I hate that he is coming here and the house is a disaster and not completely packed up. I have done a good job and it is for the most part done but not completely. It’s hard packing a whole house by yourself along with three kids, one of them who is nursing and has had bad gas a lot this week. I guess Steve’s cousin is also coming out later to help but that’s not until late afternoon. As we speak my moms car is loaded to the brim with stuff to be brought over to the house, Steve said he would do it and he didn’t. If I go do it I can only bring Shawn because I have stuff loaded on the other kids carseats and Steve is still asleep so I can’t do anything right now. Ugh, I’m frustrated already.
Okay off to go finish packing the house and start this move.

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