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A new day, another tantrum

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Jr was beyond cranky all day yesterday. I was really hoping after all the talking we did with him that it would be a better day. Well here were are 1pm and he is in his room crying and saying I hate this, I hate that. I am making him take a nap hoping that will help with his moodiness. He also has a horrible habit of hitting himself in the head. I HATE that he does it. He doesn’t do it softly either, that’s another thing I don’t know how to break him of. I think he gets that part of his temper from his father. I sure as hell have never done anything like that.
I forgot to write about Shawn’s appointment yesterday. It went good. She retied the skin tag, she said she did it differently hoping it would stay on. Well I changed his diaper and it was off this morning so now we just have to wait for him to grow older and keep our fingers crossed that the tag eventually goes away. I’m not happy about that but I have no other choice now. Oh and the Dr was shocked that his old ped didn’t have a newborn screening done. I told her I asked him for it and he said it wasn’t necessary so we have to get the blood work done today, not looking forward to that and we are waiting to hear back from our insurance and the hearing test.

Okay enough rambling. I have a million things to do today and no time to do any of it!

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  • Virginia

    Continued prayer for Baby Shawn! You are not alone with your older son, we are dealing with our own 5 year old issues! (((hugs)))

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