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Terrified of needles

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Not me, but my oldest son Jr. At least I think it’s the needles he’s scared of but I’m not sure. This is now my second experience with him freaking out and for me it’s mind blowing. We went to Kaiser to get Shawn and Jr blood tested for allergies, food and airborne. I especially wanted Jr tested before he starts Kindergarten next week (ahhhh). He had heard me mention it to my mom earlier and since then he was whining about not wanting to go. I kept telling him I know but this is something he needs to get done and it will only take a minute and not hurt but a second. First off Jr wouldn’t even get out of the car. We finally got him out and I had to reassure him the whole way in that it will be fine. We get in and thank goodness we run into my sister. So she watches Sam while Steve and I go in with the boys. Jr starts freaking out just walking back so I carried him in. The whole time were in there he is upset. They start getting Shawn ready and the lady says she can help us and Jr looked at me with this look of horror and RAN. I went chasing after him, he ran out the door and into the waiting room and out of the lab and down the stairs, in the process of opening one of the doors and him spinning around running he smacks me in the face when I reach down to get him. All this time screaming and crying. I finally catch up to him and “carry” him back in. He’s kicking and screaming at this point. I get him back into the room and they are finishing up with Shawn. So I take the baby and Steve sits down with Jr. Jr still hysterical says he wants mommy. So we switch kids again and I sit down with him. He’s still freaking out and I’m trying to get him to calm down and sit still. I had to hold him as tight as I could and Steve held down his arm while holding Shawn and the lady made him promise over and over again that he wouldn’t move. My goodness it was a huge ordeal. We finally got the blood drawn and as he’s still trying to catch his breath he out of no where says he likes hotwheels. I knew he was talking about the stickers because they give out stickers there. I told him see it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Ahhhhh, deep breath. Then they had to poke Shawn again because they didn’t get enough blood the first time 🙁

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