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Are so busy lately. I know a lot of people would think our schedule is nothing compared to some but for me it’s not. Unfortunately Jr is sick so he missed school today. But Steve started going back to College today! So our days are a bit hectic since we only have one car. Jr starts school at 7:55 am and get’s out at 1:50 and then depending on the day Steve has either two or three classes at different times and we don’t have a parking pass so I’m taking him. Today the kids didn’t get to nap so it makes for a loooooong day. He even has a night class tonight that gets out at 10pm but I am not getting the chitlens out of bed to go get him, he can take the car!

I had to take Shawn BACK to the lab today to re-run his allergy tests. Apparently two weeks ago when they poked him not once but twice, they still somehow didn’t collect enough blood to run all the tests so it was cancelled and now were getting them redone. I really hope that they collected enough this time, if not I’m going to be pissed. I’ve already got the Supervisors card from the lab if again they don’t have enough blood collected I’m giving him a call and the center they send the blood out to where they run the actual test. Did any of that make sense lol

Jr was prescribed an inhaler today by his ped. We have one for school and one for home and he is to use it as needed, especially when sick since that’s when it flares up. He’s excited to try it out tonight, he doesn’t remember using as a toddler lol

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