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Sunset Sunday-Paris

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Over the summer my husband and I had the chance to take a vacation by ourselves. That hasn’t happened since 2002. Yes you read that right, it has been ten years since we had an adult vacation and boy was it needed! In ten years we have gotten married, started a family, moved 12 times, gone from none of us being in school to four of of the five of us in school and many, many more changes. It’s been a wonderful adventure but every once in a while some adult alone time is needed.

So on a whim (sort of, there was some planning but it was quick planning) we packed everyone up, dropped the kids off with the Grandparents and off we went. Where did we go? Paris, the city of love.

I am not quite sure how I managed to not take any photos of sunsets with my camera. We were out and about all day long every day we were there and always on the move. But the night before we left I did manage to get a few photos on my phone.

 Walking to the train looking onto Part 1 of the Convention Center
 The dome on the left is part 2 of the Convention Center
 Walking back to our hotel waiting for the Metro to pass by
Another shot on our walk to our hotel
I wish I had remembered to take more sunset photos but I am thankful I do have a few from my phone. Maybe if there is another trip to Paris I will write myself a note to take more sunset photos.
Do you love sunsets? Have tons of photos of them, or maybe even just a few? I would love for you to join us in Sunset Sundays and share a few of your favorites.
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