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Sunset Sunday-Brilliant colors

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I know I have mentioned before how amazing the sunsets are out here but I feel as though photos don’t do it justice sometimes. At least the photos from my standpoint, on the ground standing only 5ft 5in tall looking upwards instead of outwards. My husband and I have joked about getting up on the roof to take photos but I haven’t done it because, well I am scared LOL. I’ve never been on a roof before and since I am accident prone I can just see it wouldn’t be a smart thing for me to attempt climbing on the roof.

So earlier this week my husband and I walked outside to look at the sunset, me with my camera in hand he starts running telling me to follow him. I was confused but figured what the heck might as well follow him. He comes running back outside with the ladder in hand.

I have to say that I love being married to a man that has similar geek-doms such as myself. So up onto the rooftop he went. Camera in hand while I waited safely on the ground. This first photo is courtesy of my husband great photography skills.

These are a few of the shots I managed to get via 20 feet below rooftop level and safely on the ground.

None of these photos were edited, excluding the black & white one of course. Only thing done was to add the b&w finish. All the brilliant colors were the same colors we saw with our own eyes. How’s that for a gorgeous sunset?

Craig from Stay Adventurous and I have teamed up to help spread the word on Sunset Sundays. We would love it if you would join us and link up your sunset photos!

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