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Sunset Sunday-A peaceful spot

I have been so bad about keeping up with my Sunset Sunday posts lately. Between traveling to California, coming back home, attempting to get back into my routine oh and keeping my three little one’s entertained and busy during summer break. While looking through my photos last night it struck me that my camera time has been nearly cut out. I don’t have many photos from May until now. As in less then a hundred. For me that’s a dry patch. One that I will have to rectify soon.

In the mean time I found a few photos to share with you all today. The sun was about halfway set and even though it was cloudy the sun was able to peek out from behind the clouds for the briefest of moments which provided this beautiful lighting.

Do you love sunsets? Have tons and tons of photos of them or maybe even just a few? I would love for you to join us in Sunset Sundays and share a few of your favorites.

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