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Sunset Sunday

I am having a bit of a freak out session over here. The other day while driving home I noticed the gorgeous sunset and when I got home I immediately went to go find my camera. Problem is I couldn’t find it! So I start going back through my head trying to remember the last time I used it. Was it before I got back from my Cali trip or after? Did I bring it with me anywhere? Could my kids have gotten to it? Did my husband move it somewhere? I keep coming up with a big I DON’T KNOW. Ack.

So while I run around searching my house like a maniac for my camera I will leave you with these photos I shot on my phone (yay for cameras on phones, what would I do without my beloved iPhone). These are from Friday. After a long day of driving everywhere I got to experience this beautiful sight. Not the greatest quality but beautiful nonetheless.

Almost home

 Looking at the same area 15 minutes later

Craig from Stay Adventurous and I have teamed up to help spread the word on Sunset Sundays. We would love it if you would join us in sharing the simple joys of sunsets & the memories they bring back for you.

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