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If your a new reader let me give you a little bit of history. Back in 2008 I reluctantly agreed to move in to sperm donors aka bio fathers rental house. He needed tenants and we needed a home since we had just moved back to California from Georgia and couldn’t find a decent rental out here. While we were living there my bank account got hacked into and our account was cleared out. Of course it was the day before rent was due. I called to inform him of what had happened and he didn’t believe me. He said he will take the legal steps he has to. As you can imagine I was pissed. I told him fine, you do what you have to and I will do what I have to for my family. I began looking for another place to live. The day we were moving out we got served with a lawsuit. Yes that’s right, he was suing us. He filed and eviction and a small claims suit for rent that was not paid. Mind you this was only after being EIGHT days late on our rent! Fast forward a year and three addition lawsuits he filed, we are happy in our current home. I have ceased any communication between him and I. He is not allowed near our children. I even called him about 11 months ago to ask him to stop with this child like behavior and think about what he is doing to my family and any chance of a relationship he has with my family. He had the nerve to tell me I did this myself. I’m sorry I was unaware that having my money stolen was my fault.
So since that conversation he has not been a part of our lives. As you can imagine I was very bothered by that whole situation. I had the person who help give me life treat me as though I were some random Joe Schmoe that meant nothing to him and all he wanted was money. There was no sympathy for our situation, nothing but greed. Unfortunately my sister is still in contact with him so I still have to hear about him. I just got off the phone with my sister and hour ago and I’m still trying to process our conversation. She was calling to invite me to dinner, nice gesture right??? No. Sperm donor wanted to know if I wanted to join them for dinner. Why you ask, because he wanted to know if I was still mad at him.
Seriously! I mean do I not have a right to be mad at him. He ruined my credit, I know have a judgment against me because of him. He put me through hell dragging us back and forth to court all because he couldn’t wait until the bank refunded our money. If he had any compasion he would have done so. This behavior is very typical of him. He did the same thing to my mother every single year, dragging her back to court, even stooping so low to accuse my DAD (step father who has been more of a father to me then I could have wished for) of hurting my sister and I when we were younger. Excuse my language but he is a pussy. He has no balls in between his legs and his only way of knowing how to do thing is to act like a child and then pretend it never happened.
I can’t be open with my sister about my feelings because the one time I did it almost ruined our relationship. I would never ask her to not be in contact with her father, that is her decision but she never once had any sympathy for our situation either. She took his side. Yes I realize saying that is childish too but it hurt me at the time. I do not hold anything against my sister, never have and never will. It is unfair for him (sperm donor) to put her in the middle like he has. And I feel sorry she has been put there so many times.
Wow I am rambling. Back to my original thought, I can’t believe he had the nerve to even ask if I wanted to go to dinner with them. Does he honestly think I want anything to do with him. If he ever wants to even try and have a relationship with me he needs to grow the hell up and apologize for everything he did!

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