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Breadman TR520 bread maker Review

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I have always been one that enjoys cooking. I love to try new recipes and I’m one of those weird one’s that thinks the harder the better, well at least more fun for me. Baking is not really my thing though. Don’t get me wrong I love to bake BUT I love to eat also. I have a major sweet tooth and unfortunately my kids have inherited my love of sweets. I do not bake so I don’t gain ten pounds a month and my kids don’t get mouths full of cavities.
Making bread from scratch is something I have always wanted to do but never got up the nerve to do it. But today I am getting over myself and busting out the bread maker and making some yummy banana bread. I thought I would start off with something reasonably simple and you can’t really mess up banana bread, right???
For this yummy batch of banana bread I am using the Breadman TR520 bread maker . I love that there isn’t really any setting up with this machine, however for your first use the owners manual suggests you run it through the cooking process once to cook off any residue from chemicals. :::Warning It will stink a bit::: I washed it before I ran it through the first cooking cycle and then again afterwards. After you have picked your recipe you simply pour all your ingredients in the bread pan. You do your wet ingredients first followed by your dry ingredients. Now, are you ready for the hard part? Pick up the bread pan and put it in the bread maker, choose your program, setting and then press start. Yes that’s it. That’s all you have to do. You couldn’t ask for a more user-friendly machine. The programming of the bread maker is very easy, just keep pressing the button until you find the setting you need. There are only eight settings so you wont get lost trying to find the one you need.

Say hello to my little friend, the Breadman bread maker!
In go the wet ingredients (it may look a little scary but it makes awesome bread!)
And now the dry ingredients

A peek into the mixing process

The end of the mixing process

Not only does this machine make bread, but you can also use it for kneading dough. Wonderful ooey gooey dough for things like rolls, bagel dough, pizza crust and my favorite cinnamon rolls! Those are on my next to make list.

Now back to my banana bread. It is done and isn’t it just the cutest little banana loaf you’ve seen? The Breadman TR520 will bake up to a two pound loaf but this particular batch was about one pound, and just so you have an idea it measured about seven inches long by four inches wide. The total time to bake this loaf was an hour and a half; 30 minutes for mixing and one hour for cooking.

This is my first time using a bread machine and I couldn’t be more pleased. The bread has a crunchy crust around the outside but not too crunchy as if it were burnt. The inside is nice and moist but too moist as if it were under cooked. I personally prefer a less crispy crust on my bread but that can easily be changed with the “crust color” setting. There are three settings for crust color: light, medium, and dark. I had mine set on medium so next time I will try with light.

Clean up was a breeze on this machine, all that is involved is washing it with hot soap and water.
The only thing I can say that might need improvement is the beams that hold the lid on. I do like that it is light weight but when it is open all the way back I feel like it might fall off if it were to be moved the wrong way.

I was provided a product for this review. Opinions expressed in this post are strictly my own.
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  • Gena

    OOOH I love homemade bread! I think this sounds like a GREAT breadmaker! and look at that yummy banana bread! Great review!

  • Janessa

    Mmmm that just made me hungry. 🙂 Great review!

  • Anonymous

    Terrific review of the machine. I have one suggestion to make it perfect for someone searching for a recipe. Use the measurements, then detail the machine settings. I’ve found your review lovely to read, but I still need to search for the recipe/instructions. Mary

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