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Photo Challenge, Week 2

Yay, were on to week two of Brandy’s Photo Challenge! This weeks theme is, don don don…..Emotion! This is such a great theme. There is emotion in so many things and it is so easy to find in every day life. My problem is figuring out which picture of many to use seeing as I have three subjects that just exude emotion every day LOL

I chose this picture for many reason. To me the emotion is as clear as day. Love. There were also many other emotions happening this day. This was the day my Grandpa went on his first motorcycle ride. It was on his bucket list of things to do in his life time. So not only was there a lot of love that day there was happiness and joy and a little bit of sadness. This was a picture that I was able to capture of my Grandpa giving my oldest a hug before his ride. I am just in love with this picture and it brings so many emotions for me. My Grandpa passed away just a few days later and to see this picture brings tears to my eyes to know that my son was blessed with getting to know and love him and receive those same things from my Grandpa.

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