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Nothing new to report

I have been trying to be more active in my blog but I have just been lacking any type of writing thoughts. I will come up with a great post and as soon as I sit down to write it it’s out of my head and I stare at the screen wondering what the heck happened.
So since I seem to have some writers block going on I figured I would share some recent pictures of my babies.

The kids asked the other night if they could “camp out” on the floor so here they all are, fast asleep camping out together.
This picture was taken at 6am. Yes you read that right. And by that time I had already given him a bath and breakfast. I don’t know where he got being a morning person from, certainly not me LOL

I know I’ve already shared this picture but I just love it. The face he is making is a classic Jr face. He is such a goober.

My pretty little princess playing in the leaves the other day. Her hair is getting so long, I love it!
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