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Last game of the season

Today was Jr’s last soccer game. Kind of bittersweet. He loved playing soccer but at the same time didn’t. He wasn’t very interested in the games and tended to go off into lala land and play during the games but other times he did great. As long as he had fun that’s all that matters. 
He did great today, even went after the ball a few times! He paid attention to most of the game until the end LOL. I think he might look forward to the snacks more then he does playing. He’s been asking a lot about baseball and football so I’m thinking next year we will try one of those. He loves to be active but he also gets bored very easily. Anyways, here are a few pictures from this morning.

She looks so grown up here :::sniff sniff:::

He’s so cute, anytime he saw me with the camera he would make sure to smile or wave at me <3

I just love his expressions. This was him reacting to one of his team mates getting hit by the ball.

Go Jr! Way to get the ball!

Sitting out at halftime enjoying his grapes

My little curly haired boy drinking his brothers water, shhh don’t tell Jr.

So proud of him for getting in there and getting the ball.

I’m thinking they were enjoying Papa picking them up LOL
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