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Mini Vegetable Frittatas

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Last Friday while reading through facebook I saw Once a Month Moms recent post about Mini Veggie Frittatas. You see I’ve never actually made a frittata and seeing these little bitty one’s made me think, well those look easy. I could probably to that. So off to work I went. And when I say work I mean cooking. And when I say cooking I mean making an even further mess of my kitchen. 
What I loved about this recipe is the simplicity of it. 
You can find the original recipe here Mini Veggie Frittatas
1 cup of spinach
I roll my spinach and then cut it. You get nice uniform slices and it allows you to cut a lot of spinach at a time.
3 green onions
8 eggs
 1/2 milk
I didn’t have any milk but had some heavy cream (shhh so bad)
And this is where I went astray from the recipe. I just dumped everything into the eggs. Still came out delish but the cheese settled on the bottom so I was constantly having to stir it before scooping it out. Also if you like uniformity I got some frittatas with no green onions because there are less of those then the spinach.
Pour all of your egg mixture into a 24 mini muffin pan. Cook at 375 for 15 minutes or until eggs are fully cooked.
 Pig out Enjoy
Now I was in a hurry, probably not the best time to cook I know, but I really wanted to try these so I shortened a few steps. While my food did come out good I do not suggest throwing everything in like I did.  Next time I will be following the recipe that way the cheese doesn’t all settle to the bottom of the bowl.
Still my kids loved them and devoured all but six of the little frittatas so that makes it a win in my book.

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