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Making healthy choices

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I know it’s not always the easiest thing to do. Especially if you are one of those people who are constantly on the run. And having a fast food establishment at every corner doesn’t make it any easier. I get the temptation. And being a person who loves carbs and sweets it can be difficult at times for me to put aside the temptation and reach for a healthier option. But here’s the thing about me. I LOVE salads. Seriously love everything about them. For me making them is half the fun. I eat salads pretty regularly and an added bonus, my children enjoy them also. So what is my point of this post. Well I just wanted to share a quick and easy salad recipe with you all. This is my go to salad. 
What you will need:
Package of iceberg salad mix
Fresh spinach
Romaine lettuce
Red bell pepper
Orange bell pepper
Green onion
Green olives
Pre-cooked chicken (cubed)
Salad dressing of your choice
Toss in some of the iceberg lettuce mix. Remember you will be adding more lettuce & spinach and other ingredients so don’t put in too much. 
Some people eat spinach as is but I prefer to chop it up a little bit. So chop if you’d like or just throw it in whole. 
Slice up some romaine lettuce and add it to your bowl.
Now that you have all of your lettuce’s it’s time to chop your remaining veggies. I completely forgot I had some green olives and tomatoes in the fridge so they aren’t pictured here but I also slice those up. I like having the food be able to fit in my mouth and not have to cut it when I am eating so I slice and/or chop everything.
Throw all the veggies into the bowl. Now it’s time for the chicken. I cook with chicken breasts and lightly season them with onion salt, garlic powder and cayenne pepper. No oil or pam in the pan. Let the chicken cool for a few minutes so any remaining juices stay in the chicken and keep it moist. Dice it up to bite sized pieces and toss that in as well.

When you’re finished you will end up with some sort of deliciousness like this


For my husbands salad I used blue cheese dressing. One of my favorites is Annies Shiitake & Sesame  dressing. I found it once and can’t find it again so I am going through withdrawals but it is seriously the best dressing I have ever tried.

And there you have it. A quick and easy salad sure to fill you up and something you don’t feel guilty about eating.

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