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A day out & about

The weather was gorgeous yesterday. You couldn’t have asked for better weather or better timing. With all this “cold” (all you east coasters don’t smack me haha) we have been having the past couple of days to have a nice warm day was just what the Doctor ordered. So seeing as I just couldn’t sit around and do nothing on such a nice day I loaded the kids up and made a spur of the moment decision to have a picnic at the park.
Loaded with a blanket and water bottles we went over to Subway, grabbed some nice healthy sandwiches and made ourselves a little picnic.
His expression really says it all. Mom I am eating don’t take my picture LOL I couldn’t help it. It’s a rare opportunity because he is actually sitting still long enough for me to capture a shot of him.
After lunch we walked over to the playground side of the park and let the kids play for about an hour. Baby girl fell and hit her head about 30 minutes in so we sat and watched the boys play for the rest of the time spent there.
When the kids faces were bright red from running around we packed up and left. Seeing as my mom lives about one minute from the park we went to, we stopped by there. As most of our visits go we stayed for the rest of the day just playing and having a good time.
This picture, though blurry, cracks me up not only because little man is such a cute little guy but also if you look closely you can see both my sister and I in each of the glasses lenses. Well actually you can see our arms and our cameras LOL We are both photography lovers.
Just had to throw in this picture of my gorgeous sister.
And my Dad picked up a tricycle for little man the other day. I’m thinking he had a blast playing on it since he rode it for about an hour.
And I couldn’t pass up taking this shot because, well because I couldn’t.
That was our day in a nutshell. Food, park and fun. It’s making me look forward to summer even more!
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