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Lotion lotion everywhere!

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Most of us have had the luck to be part of a special group, the OMG my child got into the lotion,Vaseline, glue, paste, play-doh, etc. group. And boy what fun it is to be in it right.
My son (2.5) has gotten into this routine of not going to bed when it’s bed time. I have no idea what triggered this but it started about two weeks ago. No big deal, I deal with it, put him back in bed on average six times a night and eventually he falls asleep. Well the other night was a particularly bad night. I had already put him back in bed over ten times and he just wasn’t staying in bed. Finally around 10 pm I didn’t hear any noises so I assumed he finally fell asleep. Oh boy was I WRONG! I heard a noise in the hallway so I went to go check it out. And what did I find??? Well a little boy playing in the toilet. Oh yes the toilet (GROSS). While going to pick him up I recognized a smell and knew immediately it was my daughters lotion. Not seeing any in the kids bathroom I ran to my room and found this: 

and this
To say I was upset would be an understatement. I cried, I yelled at my husband and finally came the laughter. Even though he completely emptied my daughters twenty dollar lotion for her skin which of course is not covered by insurance, when I saw this

I just couldn’t help but laugh because gosh darn, if little lotion foot prints aren’t adorable then I don’t know what is!
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