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100 things you might not know about me

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Jessica from It’s my life challenge us to do a 100 things about you post. I’ve never done one on my blog before but it was fun! Here are my 100 things.
1. I was born in California
2. I still live in California
3. Actually we will be moving to Oklahoma soon
4. I have never actually been to Oklahoma
5. I was born a pisces and remain a pisces no matter what the new zodiac chart says
6. I have one tattoo, well it’s three orchids but one piece
7. I plan on getting another one for my birthday
8. I actually have about four more picked out that I would eventually like to get
9. I have my tongue pierced
10. I have my navel pierced
11. I have 9 piercings in my ear
12. I would love more piercings but my husband finds them unattractive 
13. I didn’t graduate from my high school
14. But I did graduate from independent study 
15. I have a major sweet tooth
16. I love Italian food
17. Okay I love all food
18. Salads are one meal I really enjoy making, so many different ways to do them
19. I used to grab my moms umbrella and jump off of things pretending to be Mary Poppins
20. I love photography
21. I am not artistic 
22. I am actually quite shy in person
23. I have three kids
24. I had my last at home, best birthing experience ever
25. I get sad something thinking I will never have another child
26. I have never lived on my own
27. I moved out of my parents house & in with my boyfriend (now husband) right when I turned 18
28. I drank at my wedding and I wasn’t 21
29. I used to enjoy the process of moving
30. But after 11 moves in 9 years I’m over it & don’t like the process anymore LOL
31. I enjoy reading
32. I really enjoy vampire novels
33. I think they’re sexy 
34. I am emotional
35. I do not like to exercise 
36. But I really need to start it and get in shape
37. I love taking naps
38. My kids are not nappers & I wish they were so I could nap sometimes 
39. I only weigh 10 pounds more then I did prior to my first pregnancy
40. Which could be looked at as good except I am two pants size bigger from all the skin
41. But I am thankful I am not at the weight I used to be back in 2004
42. I was 215 pounds in 2004
43. I do not like looking at pictures of myself from back then
44. So I am glad there aren’t many too look at 
45. I love the smell of the ocean
46. But I am terrified of sharks so I do not go in the water
47. I have been stuck in so many rip tides when I was younger which only perpetuated my fear of the ocean
48. I even freak out going in lakes & having a fish touch me
49. I should really get over my fears 
50. Growing up I wanted to be a veterinarian 
51. I still love all animals 
52. I would really love to open an animal rescue shelter 
53. I have no rhythym
54. But I love to dance with my kids
55. It was comical watching my husband and I dance at our wedding, well at least to us it was
56. One of my favorite pictures of my husband and I is from our wedding night while dancing
57. I met my husband when I was 15
58. We got married when I was 20
59. We have now been together almost 14 years 
60. Wow that makes me feel old 
61. We have three children together
62. I miss my oldest while he is at school
63. Not looking forward to my younger one’s starting school
64. I will cry (I told you I was emotional)
65. I do not retell jokes very well
66. I totally laugh on the inside while people look at me confused when I am retelling a joke
67. I have a great sense of humor 
68. I love my husbands weird sense of humor, not many people get him but I do
69. I love my husbands laugh, it’s very contagious 
70. I don’t believe in decaff coffee, what’s the point? 
71. I enjoy a fresh cup of coffee every morning
72. Growing up I couldn’t stand the smell of coffee
73. My first cup of coffee was in 2000 while working at my dads office
74. I used to tease him about his coffee “addiction”
75. I cannot stand the house we live in now
76. To me I feel this place has a lot of bad ju-ju
77. I do not have a relationship with my birth father, or as I call him sperm donor
78. I have two sisters and two brothers
79. I do not have a great relationship with my brothers 
80. I do not like drama
81. I have never had a girls night out
82. I have never been to a bar
83. I have also never been to a club
84. One of these days I plan on going to one or the other, or heck both
85. I loving changing my hair color
86. I am in need of a hair cut
87. I get my hair cut about once every few years
88. I procrastinate
89. I can’t stand the smell of rosemary
90. Or the taste
91. I will not cook with it
92. I only use ground spices 
93. I have a think about “leaves” in my food
94. I am notorious for not folding laundry and letting it pile up
95. I am clumsy
96. I am a good listener
97. I am loyal
98. I will always support my friends and fmaily
99. My shoulder is always open for a person in need of it
100. I love my family and my life
If you would like to take part in this challenge don’t forget to link up with Jessica.
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