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Jr’s First Soccer Practice

Today at 4 Jr had his first soccer practice. It was a mad dash before hand to get a ball, shin guards and cleats. Yes, bad mommy waited until the last minute to get his supplies. Well I didn’t get a call from the coach until Monday so I really didn’t have that much since I didn’t have a car. Any ways. three stores later we got all the stuff he needed 🙂 He was soooooo CUTE at practice. When the coach would ask a question all the kids would raise their hands and Jr would look around and raise his too even though he had no clue what the coach was talking about. He ran and ran and ran it was awesome, and the boy still is full of energy! Each of the kids told the coach what they thought their team name should be and then he picked from a bag. So Jr’s team name is Soccer Monsters….lol I am in charge of the banner, I have to say I’m proud of myself for volunteering to help. I’m trying to get myself out there a bit more. Here are a couple pictures from his practice today!


Go Jr!

Hi fives

All done, going home