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Here I sit, 11:38 pm all the kids are asleep and I am wide awake and bored. What should I do….hmmm. I already did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I can’t vacuum cause I don’t want to wake anyone up. I have four boxes sitting here that need to be collapsed and taken out to the trash but I’ll leave that for Steve. I am going to go shower in a little bit so I can get the smell of spit up off me. Actually Shawn’s reflux has been much better lately. Don’t know why but I’m not complaining.
Oh little bit of an update on the drama in my life. I got a notice in the mail today that we have to go back to court on the 25th at 8:30 am so I’m assuming we will be there all day again like last time which sucks big monkey balls. This time I am making sure Steve will be there even though the freaking notice is in my name. Same as last time but I don’t want the judge to talk shit to me again. And now Steve has to take a day off of work for this shit. This is bs you know that! Ugh
Okay enough of that crap. The kids are doing great. Jr and Sam are always full of energy and are great little kiddos. Shawn is just adorable and such a good baby. He did have a little bit of a rough time napping cause Sam kept waking him up ;( but he’s asleep now, well actually has been for a while. He wont be getting up until around 3am, hopefully.
Okay enough random chatter, I’m off to shower.

Here’s a couple pics of my babies

Jr man during a bath

My little Shirley Temple

Here’s our little man fast asleep sucking on two of his fingers

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  • HopelesslyDevine

    The kids are beautiful as ever! I hope that things clear up with the “crap” fast! Hopefully court will be done and over with that day! I love ya!!

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