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It’s the first game of the season

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For soccer that is. Yes I do like football BUT this is my kid and he’s way more important. Besides first day of football wasn’t today LOL I’m not that hardcore of a fan to even blog about football. Okay, getting distracted. Today was Jr’s first soccer game of the season. From the moment he woke up he had been asking if it was time to go to his game yet. As soon as he was done eating breakfast and showering he put his uniform on. Mind you this was three hours before we had to be there but that’s okay because it was cute.
When it finally came time for us to leave he was the first out the door, soccer bag in hand, and in the car ready to go. It was awesome. If only every morning for school were that easy!
He had a great game. He wasn’t scared of the ball like he was a few years ago and he actually got out there and got the ball and defended the goal. He did awesome today. I am very proud of him. What I love about watching Jr play is no matter what the kid has a smile on his face. He is just having the absolute time of his life being out there. If watching him wasn’t enough to prove that we came home and he looked at me and said “Mom, today was the BEST day I’ve ever had”. Love it!
Here are a few pictures of my little man having the best time ever 😀

Goooooooo Yellow Dragons!
Forgot to mention, Jr is number 4. Here he is running, see that smile on his face!
Eating grapes for half time, I think he got a tart one
Jr throwing the ball in
I know it’s small but you should be able to click and enlarge it. His expression here cracks me up. And look at him getting right in there. Go Jr!!!!!
Jr assisting another team member on making a goal
And leave it to my kid to mess around when the ball isn’t near him
Of course I had to take some pictures of my other little’s. Here is my princess Mantha Pantha
And my little Shawn man who decided ten minutes into the game that he was going to wait until I turned my back to get his sister some water and then run out onto the middle of the soccer field to find his brother LOL
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