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I totally forgot

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To post last week about the two little one’s and I chasing down a hot air balloon. Yes I am one of those annoying people who will follow it and park on the side of the road to let my kids watch it and have the biggest smiles on their faces that you’ve ever seen. Got a problem with that? I didn’t think so LOL It’s all about the kids. I’d do anything to make them happy so when we were driving home from taking my oldest to school and I spotted the hot air balloon, and two seconds later they spotted it and were screaming and giggling, I knew what my mission was. Follow that air balloon!
Of course I accepted said mission. How mean would I be if I didn’t. So off we went for the next 20 minutes. Driving around town, stopping a few time’s to see which direction it was heading.

It’s headed North Captain. Full steam ahead then!!!!

And off we go, headed North to catch up with the balloon. When we do you can imagine the kids excitement at getting to watch it land. :Insert smile that was mentioned earlier:

They thought is was so neat that the balloon floated across the street to land. I was busy taking pictures of the kids watching it instead of the balloon but that’s okay. I think my loves are better subjects.

Good bye pretty air balloon. I’m sure we will see you another day.
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