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Get your kids outside more with the EzyRoller

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Having three kids ranging from ages four to nine who all love to play outside is such a wonderful blessing. Having them grow so fast they they get to big for their bikes within a year…not so fun. But now I have found this awesome new thing that all three kids can ride on. Yes all three and even better is it’s something that they can play on for years to come. It’s not quite a bike, not even a scooter, it’s the EzyRoller.

I know you’re wondering what the heck is that? Those were my first thoughts when I saw it and even after reading about it I was still a little….confused. I’ve seen these new fangled trikes/bikes but this isn’t quite that. My next thought was maybe it’s a type of scooter. While it has the wheels similar to a scooter the fact that you are sitting and the handle bars are not like that of a scooter I was even more confused yet intrigued.

I am not the most handy person out there, I like to think I am and I love to take on projects but they usually end up a little….eh a little sad looking. I assumed something this awesome would have tons of pieces for me to mess up so when I opened the box and pulled out everything I was pleasantly surprised that there was only four pieces in all and set up was really easy. 

Even my little man got in and helped set it up.
 In less then ten minutes we were ready to roll!
Whala, I give you the EzyRoller
I’m not sure what I love more about the EzyRoller, the fact that it has already provided my children hours upon hours of entertainment or that all three of my kids can use it. My four year old can reach the “pedals” with it set up with the medium height bar but it’s easier for him if I don’t put a bar in at all but then the other two are a little big so I keep the medium bar in and they all do just fine. I also love that it came with the two size bars so when they get older they will still be able to use it because we can just make it bigger with the larger bar. 

So lets see the EzyRoller provides hours of entertainment for all three of my children, it will grow with them as they grow and at $99 it’s reasonably priced. I think…no I know I love the EzyRoller and I may need to buy one or two more so the kids can each have their own and we can go on walks/rides together.
I received an EzyRoller to facilitate my review, the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.
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