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Family Dinners

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I just have to say I love getting together with my family for our weekly family dinners. Steve and I usually are the one’s who end up cooking but that’s okay because we both enjoy cooking. And Steve and I work really well in the kitchen together. We went over there last night so Steve could work on my dads computer and for dinner. He never got to the computer…lol I swear Steve should go to culinary school. He makes these recipes all on his own, no cookbook and they come out great. He cooked up Italian Turkey Sausage, normally I hate Italian Sausage but this was had no fennel seeds so it was yummy. While that was cooking he made some garlic, red and green bell peppers and red onions in some olive oil. Once those were done he added some crushed tomatoes and I think just pepper. Oh yeah he added wine to the veggies before adding the tomato sauce. Right before it was all done he cooked up some Mahi Mahi with garlic and pepper. We kept the fish separate because of Shawn but ate it all together with some paste. Sooooo good. And we had tons of left overs. I even made my Daddy a plate to take to work today.
Anywho, my point was I really enjoy being able to have that special time with my family every week. Even if the kdis are running around screaming and ocassionally fighting….lol
Oh and Samantha has my Dad completely wrapped around her little fingers. I don’t think she could be any more of a little princess. It’s so cute to see that bond between her and Steve and her and my Dad.

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